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Everyone knows what google doc is, and how easy it made editing documents online without even downloading any software. Resumes are something that needs frequent updates, and managing that in google docs will make it super easy, so no better way then using google doc resume templates to start writing your resume.

In this article we will be listing some professional resume templates which you can use to start your resume, This list is handpicked by us and tells all the cons and pros of those templates. Just open the google doc link of any resume template you like and click on `File-> Make a Copy` and its all yours.


1. Resume Serif


Resume Serif template is a professional resume templates, it comes with two column layout with sections like experience, education, skills, projects and more. It has basic font styling and will be good for experienced as well as freshers.

Resume Serif Google Doc Template Link


2. Resume Modern Writer


As its name sounds, this resume template comes with trendy fonts and colors, and would be good for smilier domain candidates.

Resume modern writer Google Doc Template Link



3. Adent

Resume adent Google Doc Template Link



4. Glimmer

This is the resume which i like most, It covers most of the section, and looks cool.


Glimmer Resume Google Doc Template Link



5. Sequences



Sequence Resume Google Doc Template Link


6. Boast

This is the best resume format , with professional color theme and option to add picture, it looks best.

Boast Resume Google Doc Template Link


7. Streamlined


Streamlined Resume Google Doc Template Link



This list ends here, will update in future if i finds some more.

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