Important Job Searching Sites for Freshers

Are you a fresher and looking for jobs? You may be confused about which job searching site to use as hundreds of them are available on the internet today. Most of them offer similar features like creating your profile and searching for employers or jobs.

Rather than creating your profile and account in many job sites, it is better to create a nice and decent profile in a handful of the best job searching sites and do your best. As you know, quality matters a lot than quantity.

We have selected the best job searching sites based on factors like popularity, relevancy, and quality. You should be using them as soon as you can if you’re a fresher.

1. LinkedIn

You have probably heard about LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a professional networking site to connect employers and job seekers. You should(or must) get your profile and account created on LinkedIn as early as you can. You can search and find jobs of your interest here.

Networking is one of the most powerful features in LinkedIn that you can leverage to connect to professionals and other people of your interest. When you set up your profile, make sure you put all the certifications, achievements, skills, and education properly. This helps you to get discovered by employers who search for professionals or freshers who have relevant skills.

LinkedIn also has a social feed where you can get feeds and stories from people and companies that you follow. One more useful feature is that you can also post content on LinkedIn and share your thoughts. This is a huge benefit of getting discovered by employers. This is very good to stay updated in your professional career. Other than that, you also have messaging and chat features.

2. Indeed

Indeed comes 2nd in our list because of its usability and simplicity. It is an extremely popular site for both employers and job seekers. Indeed has a large number of jobs and you can search for them by locality. Creating an account is really helpful to quickly apply for jobs. You also get notifications and updates when an employer views your resume or sends you a message.

Email updates are sent to you whenever a new job is posted that matches your skills. Freshers may find indeed very easy to use and may even get recruited very quickly depending on their skills. The volume of jobs is huge as already said, plus you obviously get to know the job description and salary provided.

Both internships and jobs can be found on Indeed.

3. Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another job searching site which is very popular. You can search for jobs by location, industry sector, etc. It is also similar to other job searching sites where you need to create an account and a profile.

The most distinctive feature of glassdoor is its transparency. They strive to provide all the information related to the company for which the job is posted. It is in the form of reviews from other people about the company. This is a useful feature when you want to make sure if you are applying for the right company.

Other than that, glassdoor has many other minute features which you will explore yourself after using it.

4. AngelList

AngelList is also a site that you may like for job search. It is pretty good for freshers with no experience. You can apply for startups and can know all the information about the company including salary before applying.

They usually have a good and in-depth process of creating your profile which helps you to get hired better. There are many stories of people who didn’t get replies from employers in indeed, monster, etc. but got a job in AngelList! Give it a try!

5. Google For Jobs

This one is by google and it is similar to google business or maps. There you search for places or business but in google for jobs, you search for jobs. Google for jobs is actually not a full platform by itself, like indeed or linkedIn. It crawls all the relevant jobs on the internet from various popular job boards, sites and displays a list of jobs. It may appear when you search on google, for eg, “teacher jobs near me” or “graphic designer jobs in [city name]” etc.

Some advantages of using google for jobs include fast job search and simplicity. The volume of jobs that can be found here is huge and you are not dependent on a single site for jobs. You will find job advertisements from various sites. However, when you want to apply for them, you will have to go to the site where the job is posted. Google will take you to the site when you click the job for more information.

Other job searching sites

Although we have listed only 3 major job searching sites, there are many other ones which are very popular like ‘simplyhired‘, ‘monster‘, ‘career builder‘, etc. You can check them out but you may get overwhelmed by using so many sites. We recommend trying out in and linkedIn, they are the best of best.

End Tip:

Job searching sites don’t matter much. They are just a platform for you to get you a job. Just use a good and popular one where you will find enough jobs. What you actually need to do is polish and improve your skills, which is much more important. You also need to learn to write a good resume, CV and cover letter. If you do these things sincerely, you will definitely get a job which you are looking for.

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