Most common reasons why resumes are rejected.

Did your application just got rejected? Or looking to be careful one step ahead before applying?

Many people apply for jobs with their resume and get rejected. Sometimes they are unable to figure out what went wrong when they don’t get any replies. This article lists out the most common mistakes which are made while applying the resume for the job.

1. Not properly organized.

two improperly organised resumes

Using a confusing format and layout eg. putting the address at the last or designing resume in a strange two-column way which makes it harder to look, etc. will make the hiring manager ignore your resume and move on to the next one.

Always try to make the design of the resume neat and clean so that all your strong points are highlighted and it grabs the attention of the employer. Use resume builders if you are confused about how to create a well-formatted resume.

It will also make it easier for the hiring manager to follow and read your resume. You also show how discipline you are. Think about it carefully!

2. Grammatical and spelling errors.

image showing grammatical mistake in a resume

It is very easy to click the “Apply” or “Send” button. But, What more annoying can it be than reading words full of grammatical and spelling mistakes?

This right away proves that the candidate is insincere and simply the resume will be rejected as nobody would like to hire careless people. So, always proofread the resume properly 2-3 times and double-check whether everything is correct before applying. Use tools like Grammarly to auto-detect these errors.

This tip may look silly but if the employer even finds just a single word misspelled, you will be changing his mind. So take care of it.

3. Using the same resume for every application.

illustration of resusing resumes again and again

Are you thinking to create a nice resume and then just go on applying to thousands of jobs in hope of getting a response from at least a handful? Never do that. It will do more harm than good and you will be spoiling your reputation.

Always customize your resume for each company that you are applying to. Also, before applying, read carefully the job description, required skill sets, and experience.

In this way, you will be applying to much fewer companies but this will save you a lot of time in the long run. You will also see a much better result than before as it is many times effective. You will stand a higher chance of getting selected for the interview as most people just send out resume to thousands without tailoring for each of them.

4. Adding too many irrelevant details.

It’s like – “The employer wanted this and you went on giving something else…… boring and irrelevant…”

Filter your resume to make sure no irrelevant details are included for the job post. Your skillset should properly match according to the job description. Add achievements from your previous jobs. Also, don’t try to add everything that you have done in your life. Add only those which you think are going to help them and are relevant.

This will help you to keep your resume from getting too long and you can focus more on relevant skills to put.

5. Lack of professionalism

Always add a professional touch in your resume. Never let it look like a casual one. Put your email address which represents your name.

Your social media should have a good history so that you can leave a good track in any case they should search for you online. It is always advantageous to clean up your social media from unnecessary things if you haven’t done so. It may be irrelevant for small companies but larger ones will eventually try to know you as much they can.

If possible, put up a portfolio website where you can showcase your skills and achievements in your career. This can help you a lot and the company too and will prove what you can do.

6. Not adding a cover letter.

cover letter plus resume

Adding a cover letter is not mandatory but it is important to understand its potential. Sometimes not having this may get your resume rejected and no one can assure it.

If you have things in your resume that needs to be explained, then adding a cover letter is definitely worth it. It helps to bridge the gap or any misunderstanding between the employer and the candidate.

If you are really interested in the job which you are applying then adding a cover letter can boost your chances of getting the job too. There is no harm in adding a cover letter.

Click here to know everything about cover letters.

There are many other minute details which you will have to take care of yourself. Following these tips above will make sure your resume is solid from front to back and all the common mistakes will be eliminated. This will help your resume to avoid getting rejected when you apply for jobs.

So, now go correct those mistakes in your resume and improve it!

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