Resume Building Tips For Freshers!!

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Are you a fresher and confused about how to write a winning resume? Want some quick and effective resume building tips?

Freshers are the ones who have no working experience and have recently completed his/her degree/diploma or any course. For freshers, it is very hard to write a resume because they have very few things to write about. They have zero or very little working experience.

Writing a proper resume is essential to land the interview you have been waiting for. In this article, we are going to present the top 10 resume building tips for freshers.

1. Plan properly before creating your resume

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Everything which is planned properly beforehand works well. You should ask yourself various questions such as “What position am I applying for?”, or “What are the skills necessary for this job?”. This will help you to create a much better resume which will give you an upper hand over others who never give a thought and just start creating their resume straightaway.

Decide the layout, style, design, and fonts before you start working on your resume. Carefully plan where you will put your contact details, experiences, education, etc. Always try to make it impressive and attention-grabbing.

2. Tailor your resume for each company

bow and arrow illustration to tailor resumes specifically.

Are you thinking to create a single resume and simply send it to all the companies that you can find?
No, never do that. It will have very little or may even have an opposite effect.

Always study the company and job description very carefully for which you are applying. And when you do that, what happens? You become able to create very specific resumes that are optimized and tailored for each company. This increases the chances of getting the interview many times you can imagine!

3. Throw out irrelevant details

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Do you like to read or see irrelevant details that are not of your interest? Boring too right?

If you are applying for a software engineering position, will adding the achievement you got in basketball competition help you? Always put the information which is relevant and is going to strengthen your resume and help you to get hired.

4. Put only the best ones first!

checklist to checkmark the best ones.

Most employers have lots of resumes to see and if your resume doesn’t look impressive at first glance, it will probably be discarded.

If you want to be shortlisted for the job, put all the best information at the top as much as possible. If you have great achievements then there is no harm in mentioning education after that. All you want is to get attention and stand out.

5. Keep it simple but professional

a man standing in a professional dress meant to represent the importance of simplicity of resumes

Fancy designs with creative fonts rarely do any good in most job applications. Every hiring manager loves a neat and professionally designed resume.

Use standard fonts and keep the design layout simple. It is also much easier to read. You have probably heard this quote, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. However, it should still look nice and professional.

6. Quantify your achievements

image filled with numbers to quantify the achievements

Quantifying and putting numbers in your resume solidifies your resume. Try to find out the numbers in your achievements. When you put the numbers, it gives the employer a direct idea of how important you are.

One thing also you need to consider is to put what you achieved rather than a previous job description. For example, instead of mentioning: “I worked as a sales assistant at XYZ” try to make it like: “I helped increase the sales by 40% in XYZ company”. However, for freshers who have no experience, they should mention their work contributions in internships or other works done in college.

7. Add a cover letter

3 cover letters

Cover letters improve your resume and it helps the employer to understand you better. It gives an overview of your resume and helps the employer to shortlist candidates without having to look at the resume and try to understand the worth of the candidate.

It should be short and concise. Writing a good cover letter will lead the employer to check out your resume.

If you don’t wish to write a cover letter, it is at least suggested to write a brief introduction paragraph or a summary at the beginning of a resume. It can be a game-changer if done well.

You can know everything about cover letters here.

8. Don’t ignore resume builders

computer with a resume builder along with a resume and wrench

Resume builders take out the headache by taking care of the overall design of the resume. You can easily create a nice professional resume by entering your information, achievements, and experiences for different companies.

Templates increase the reusability of your resume. This is very much helpful for beginners and freshers without graphic designing knowledge.

We have a whole article listing 6 reasons why you should use a resume builder.

9. Double-check and proofread

a pen and paper with errors. Proofreading image

How sorry would you feel to find out a big typo or some serious mistake in your information just after you submit your resume?
This is why you should always double-check and proofread your resume twice or thrice before applying.

Also while designing and creating your resume, make use of tools like Grammarly to help you get rid of grammatical errors. They are really helpful and must-have tools for these kinds of tasks.

10. Don’t forget about ATS

image of applicant tracking systems(ATS) with analytics

Now, what is ATS all about?

Many people don’t have the idea that most large companies have thousands of resumes and checking each one of them is not possible or easy. For that, they use a software called Applicant Tracking System(ATS) which helps them to filter out many resumes based on some keyword, position or some other criteria.

So it is very important to take this into account when you are applying for large companies. You will have to make an ATS friendly resume to pass their filter test before your resume is actually seen by the hiring manager.

For your benefit, all the points mentioned above will help you to make an ATS friendly resume.

This is all we believe what a good resume should be. Following these resume building tips will help you to make your resume a standard one and will help you to get an interview.

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