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Resumes, CV or profile are the very first and very important step of your job search journey. A good resume can land you your dream job and in their hand some easy to avoid mistakes in your resume can show you failure in getting interview call. So spend some time in writing your resume it’s very important and crucial part of job search.

Being a recruiter in an MNC firm I have seen candidates doing those silly mistakes in their resume and getting thrown out at very first step of recruitment process. So to save you from that misery here I am sharing some resume writing tips which you should keep in mind if you are on a job search mission:

Focus on your positive points:

It’s good to be honest about your profile but try to avoid writing negative points in your CV/Resume. For example if you got lesser marks in your graduates then it’s ok to not mention your marks, just mention your course name, major, college name and date of schooling, this will work too and won’t put any bad effect on recruiter. With this you can try to add some positive things you did in that course maybe some extra curricular activity or something good related to that course you can always mention .

Keep different resume for different job roles:

Most of the job/ internship seekers experienced or fresher applies for different different role at the same time, I have seen freshers applying for digital marketing internship as well as completely different job role like business development, or if talk about experienced then they too apply in different different domains. This is ok and must do practice while searching for job but one should have different profile/resume for each role, I too keep 3 different sets of resume focused on different job roles, so that I can focus on role specific points in my resume rather than having irrelevant information for that job role. So always have role specific resumes with you before start applying.

Add cover letter:

Most of the time we apply to job positions by emailing our resume to recruiter, that email should not just say “PFA” and resume in attachment, you should always write a brief in your email that why you are interested in the position and in the company and why you are suitable for this job, most of the time recruiter reads this cover letter and make their mind. Job portals too have a section for adding cover letter. So write your cover letter in advance specific to job role and use them when needed.


Never do that mistake, Never!!!


Be Specific:

While writing your project description or education description in your resume be very specific to what your role was and what your did in that particular project/ course. Make bullet points and highlight keywords/ skills so that it will be easier for screener to go through it and abstract out details of his need. Also keep it short and simple try to sum up everything in one page it would be a plus point.



Profile heading and summary:

Profile heading is first thing that recruiter read in your resume, make sure it is authentic and catchy.
Most of the time is job role and current organisation name in case of experienced candidate, and some domain specific heading in case of freshers. Following are good examples of resume heading your can use:

  • John Doe – software engineer at abc inc
  • John Doe – Digital marketing guru
  • John Doe – growth hacker at abc inc
  • John Doe – Fresher with marketing skills
  • John Doe – computer science fresher

These heading goes along with a summary or objective, where you should write a self written summary of you and your objective, don’t write any common objective it makes a bad impression.

Only write what you actually know:

Don’t write all the skills and technology that present in market to impress your recruiter. Most of time you have to face questions from all those skills you mentioned in your interview. So be wise while mentioning skills and projects. You should be prepared to answer questions related to them in interview.

Have a beautiful designed resume:

Resume appearance and design are also very important things to consider, if your resume looks good only then recruiter will show interest to read it further. To get a good designed resume you can search on google for good resume templates or you can hire some resume making agencies, but best way is to get an online resume building tool, there are many of them in market and they are good because with these resume builders you can easily manage your resume , you can keep multiple resume profiles and they comes with very good resume templates which are expert reviewed and proven. Resumetic is one of them , it is a free online resume building service that will help you manage you resume in cleaner and professional way.

There are many other points too, like keep your resume short and informative, always send pdf version of your resume unless they explicitly asks for doc format. Also read resume of other people you can find it easily on LinkedIn profiles and get inspirations from them, that too helps a lot.


So After following all these tips, you should be saying what this kid got to say:



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